Postdoctoral Fellow
Steven Goldman

Dr. Steven Goldman is a postdoctoral fellow working with Martha Boyer and Karl Gordon on evolved stars. His recent work has focused on searching for sun-sized stars towards the ends of their lives in nearby galaxies. These stars produce a tremendous amount of dust and contribute up to 30 times the mass of the Earth back to the Universe in one year, and up to 85% of their mass in this final stage. This phase is extremely important for understanding the origin of cosmic dust, and how stars and galaxies evolve over time.

Dr. Goldman is originally from Syracuse, NY. He finished his PhD thesis work in the United Kingdom with Jacco van Loon in 2017.During this time he focused primarily on microwave-laser or “maser” observations coming from evolved stars in nearby galaxies. This work increased the number of reliable measurements of the speed of material leaving evolved stars for stars outside of our Galaxy from 5 to 13, and showed evidence that changes in the abundance of metals does not affect the amount of material that these stars lose. This has large implications for our understanding of the dust seen in ancient galaxies, and the regeneration of the Universe itself.


PhD in Astronomy, Keele Univeristy, UK 
BS in Physics, St. Lawrence University


Science Interests:

  • Asymptotic Giant Branch stars
  • Dust
  • Variable stars
  • Stellar winds and Mass loss
  • Masers
  • Local Group galaxies
  • Evolved Stars 


Research Topics: Local Group Galaxies; Interstellar Medium; Dust ; Resolved Stellar Populations


Professional Websites:

Professional Website


ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8937-3844

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