Joshua Peek

Associate Astronomer

Science Interests:

  • The velocity structure of the Milky Way in Three Dimensions (Kinetic Tomography)
  • Precisions dust reddening maps in the optical and ultraviolet
  • 21-cm surveys of the Milky Way
  • Local ISM clouds and the phase structure of the ISM
  • Neural networks as tools for ISM image and cube data
  • Finding dwarf galaxies in the local group using 21-cm line emission
  • Circumgalactic dust and gas in the local universe
  • High and low velocity gas above the Milky Way disk and in the Milky Way Circumgalactic medium
  • Magnetic fields in the interstellar medium


Research Topics: Interstellar medium, Diffuse interstellar bands, Interstellar atomic gas, High-velocity clouds, Interstellar dust, Interstellar dynamics, H1 line emission, Interstellar filaments, Interstellar magnetic fields, Interstellar phases, Interstellar dust extinction, Quasar absorption line spectroscopy, Intergalactic medium, Galaxy formation, Galaxy kinematics, Galaxy accretion, Radio astronomy, Intergalactic dust clouds


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