Anthony Marston

ESA-JWST Astronomer

Tony is a member of the European Space Agency Science Operations Team at STScI working on JWST. More specifically the ESA/JWST Archive scientist. Prior to working on JWST he was the Instrument and Calibration Scientists lead on the Herschel Space Observatory and the Observer Support Team lead on the Spitzer Space Observatory. He has interests in infrared astronomy, massive stars and massive star formation.

Science Interests:

  • Infrared mapping of dust and young stellar objects in massive star forming regions such as W3
  • GAIA studies of Galactic massive stars and potential runaways.
  • Massive star ejecta associated with LBVs and Wolf-Rayed stars.
  • Surveys for Wolf-Rayet stars


Research Topics: Galactic Massive Star Formation, Massive Star Evolution, Runaway Stars, Stellar Ejecta, Infrared Spectroscopy, Dust Emission

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