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Learn more about the Space Astronomy Summer Program by watching past presentations by our students. All groups are work with Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) researchers and staff on projects that include data reduction and interpretation, software development, and scientific writing.

Morning Session 1

Presentations by Carolyn Slivinski (opening), Manan Agarwal, Kathleen Hamilton-Campos, Lucas Batista , Jordan Shroyer, and Evan Petrosky.

Morning Session 2

Presentations by Scott Thompson, Dr. Nancy Levenson (comments), Cecilia Molina, Jafr-Tayar Shabazz, and Kelsey Glazer.

Afternoon Session

Presentations by Maryam Haytham Esmat, Rosalia O'Brien, Vedant Chandra, Sophie Lebowitz, Isaiah Tristan, Nicole Rodriguez Cavero, Iván López, and Carolyn Slivinski (closing).