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JULY 23, 2020

New Deadline for JWST Cycle 1 General Observer Proposals

The review schedule for Cycle 1 proposals has been finalized following the announcement of the new launch date for the James Webb Space Telescope.

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Line drawing of JWST on a space background
JULY 21, 2020

Exo-Webb Summer Talk Series by the JWST ERS Exoplanet Transit Team

The Exo-Webb Summer Talk Series, hosted by the Webb Transiting Exoplanet Community Early Release Science (ERS) team, is open to all.

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Synergy between Spitzer and SOFIA
JULY 13, 2020

Dedicated SOFIA Time Made Available To Support JWST Early Release Science

SOFIA will reserve up to 20 hours of observing time for programs supporting JWST Early Release Science as part of their Cycle 9 call for proposals.

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JUNE 1, 2020

JWST Cycle 1 Proposal Schedule Update

The uncertainties resulting from COVID-19 continue to impact the Cycle 1 schedule.

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AAS236 promotion
MAY 21, 2020

Virtual JWST Observer Events at the 236th Meeting of the AAS

STScI will update the community and provide JWST-related resources at the 236th virtual meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

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APRIL 15, 2020

Update on the JWST Cycle 1 Proposal Timeline

Disruptions due to COVID-19 result in further delay to the schedule for JWST Cycle 1 GO/AR proposals.

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JWST science themes
MARCH 19, 2020

The JWST Cycle 1 Deadline Has Been Delayed

The Cycle 1 GO proposal deadline is delayed due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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MARCH 18, 2020

Final JWST Duplication Checks Can Be Made After April 6

Minor revisions of GTO and ERS programs are expected.

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MARCH 12, 2020

Updated APT 2020.2 Is Available for Cycle 1 Proposal Submissions

This version of APT must be used for all JWST Cycle 1 GO proposals as it includes additional timing model changes and will be the official accounting tool for Cycle 1.

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MARCH 11, 2020

Explore How the JWST Will Be Calibrated in Cycle 1

The JWST Calibration plan is designed to ensure the calibration of all science instruments and observing modes, as well as meet the needs of the approved observing programs.

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FEBRUARY 24, 2020

Discover JWST Early Release Science with New Webinar Series

Learn more about the programs selected for the Director’s Discretionary Early Release Science (DD-ERS) through a March webinar series.

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JANUARY 30, 2020

New Website Feature Highlights JWST Publications

Browse the list of refereed publications with significant JWST content.

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Left: ETC scene for mid-infrared calculations in the new Supernova 1987A Example Science Program. Center: ETC logo. Right: Properly-oriented PSF for the MIRI F1065C 4-Quadrant Phase Mask.
JANUARY 27, 2020

Accuracy Improvements and Bug Fixes Available in ETC 1.5.1

Version 1.5.1 of ETC includes accuracy improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

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JANUARY 23, 2020

The JWST Cycle 1 Call for Proposals Is Now Reopened

The deadline for the JWST Cycle 1 call for proposals is May 1, 2020, with up to 6,000 hours available for general observers.

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JWST Master Class promo
JANUARY 16, 2020

Proposal Resources Available To Help Prepare for JWST Cycle 1

STScI provides a variety of resources — such as community workshops and Workshop-in-a-Box materials — to get you started with your JWST Cycle 1 proposal.

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For technical assistance, please contact the JWST Help Desk.

The NASA James Webb Space Telescope, developed in partnership with ESA and CSA, is operated by AURA’s Space Telescope Science Institute.