Committee Meetings

The 5th Meeting of the JWST Users Committee (JSTUC)

Tue 10 Sep 2019

Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218


The 5th meeting of the JSTUC was held on September 9-10, 2019. The committee was updated on the:

  • Status of the project, in addition to reports from various groups
  • Planning and preparation for the Cycle 1 Call for Proposals
  • Cycle 1 capabilities and science policies and timeline
  • Community engagement plan
  • Status and plans for JWST Data Analysis Tools

More information is available on the JSTUC page.

For technical assistance, please contact the JWST Help Desk.

The NASA James Webb Space Telescope, developed in partnership with ESA and CSA, is operated by AURA’s Space Telescope Science Institute.