Giovanni Bruno

Postdoctoral Fellow

Giovanni joined the exoplanet group at STScI in late 2016 as a postdoc. He works with Nikole Lewis on the use of near-infrared transmission spectroscopy to characterize exoplanet atmospheres. He discovered being very interested in the role stars play in exoplanet observations while doing his PhD in Marseille, France. There, he worked on transits in the visible, radial velocities, and stellar spectroscopy with Magali Deleuil.

Giovanni loves being involved in outreach activities and, out of the lab, he enjoys traveling, being outdoors in nature and eating pizza.

Science Interests:

  • Using HST/WFC3 observations to measure the the transmission spectra of exoplanets
  • Using retrieval exercises to determine the atmospheric molecular composition and properties
  • Studying methods to correct for the effect of starspots in transit photometry (such as starspot modeling and Gaussian Processes)


Research Topics: Exoplanet atmospheres, Starspots, Transit photometry, Spectroscopy

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