Charles Poteet

Postdoctoral Fellow

Charles Poteet is a Postdoctoral Fellow at STScI. He is interested in understanding the physical processes responsible for shaping our Solar System and the nature of pre-planetary matter, the building blocks of planets. He has extensive experience in infrared spectroscopy using the Spitzer Space Telescope, in modeling silicate dust and ice absorption features, and in studying the evolution of these materials in both the interstellar medium and environments of active star formation. He is also an expert in image processing and analysis methods for high-contrast coronagraphic observations (in both total and polarized scattered light) of circumstellar disks to characterize the dust and morphological properties of these systems.


PhD in Physics, University of Toledo
BS in Physics, Western Kentucky University
BA in Mathematics, Western Kentucky University


Science Interests:

  • The evolution of cosmic dust and ices from interstellar to circumstellar environments
  • The origin of pre-planetary matter and its delivery to planet-forming environments
  • Composition, abundance, and thermal history of cosmic dust and ices
  • Amorphous and crystalline silicates
  • Missing solid-state reservoirs of elemental O and Fe
  • Scattering phase functions of dusty circumstellar disks


Research Topics: Interstellar Medium; Infrared Astronomy; Cosmic Dust and Ices; Star and Planet Formation; Protostars; Circumstellar Disks; Spectroscopy; High-Contrast Imaging; Polarimetry


ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4845-7483

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