Brian Williams


Brian is a support scientist working in the Science Mission Office. His responsibilities there include assisting in the organization of the proposal review processes for HST and JWST, assembling peer review panels and Users' Committees, and developing the policies governing the use of the telescopes. His research focuses on multi-wavelength observations of young supernova remnants to determine their connection to their progenitor systems. Other research interests include dust in the Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds and particle acceleration in shock waves.

Science Interests:

  • Evolution of young supernova remnants
  • Connection of supernova remnants to their progenitor systems
  • shock heating of particles, thermal and nonthermal
  • interstellar dust composition; dust-to-gas mass ratio


Research Topics: Interstellar medium: supernova remnants, Interstellar medium: interstellar clouds: interstellar dust, Stellar remnants: supernovae


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