Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There is a webcast today that I want to watch. How do I find it?
    When on the Webcasts landing page, scroll down until you find the event or date that you are interested in watching. To Search or Browse, see questions below.
  2. What is the additional information on the Webcasts landing page?
    This page includes a calendar of upcoming events as well as a link to STScI's video archives.
  3. I want to view an event from the past. How do I find it?
    Click on the Browse the Webcast Archive button. This will navigate you to the main archives pages. The data is categorized by year or event (some events stretch over multiple years). Once you've found the desired video, click on the link to watch.
  4. What does the search box search?
    The search box in the top right-hand corner of the screen searches all pages within the STScI website. Webcast results may be returned, but so will other matching pages throughout the larger website.
  5. What does the menu, once expanded, show?
    The expanded menu is the standard navigation method through which you can explore content pages within
  6. I am trying to view an internal STScI meeting (e.g., All Hands or division meeting). What do I have to do to find the meeting?
    In order to view the meeting, you will need to login with your AD credentials to authenticate.
  7. I am on the video archives website, but can't find the video or information I need. What can I do to find it?
    To search within the archives pages, you can try any of these three methods:
    • Select Browse from the navigation in the left-hand column. This will allow you to search within a listing of folders.
    • Find the Search window at the top of the archives pages. This will allow you to search the entire video archive.
    • From within a specific video, use the Search area to search a video for words, spoken phrases, and information listed on slides.
  8. Do you recommend a specific browser to use with the webcast service ?

    We have observed better performance with Chrome and IE. Firefox has displayed slowness in playing the archived videos.

  9. Why do the videos when sorted by date appear to be out of order ?
    When sorted by date, the videos are sorted by the UPLOAD date, not the date of the actual event.  Therefore, when older videos are added, they may appear out of sequence when sorted by date.

  10. If I have a Webex meeting or event recording, can I have it uploaded to the Archive site ?
    Yes.   We can upload other videos that staff would like to share. The Panopto site is an appropriate place to host training videos and meeting recordings. To do so, just submit a STARS request and the AV team will coordinate the video update with you.

  11. Can I download the video that I’m viewing?
    Yes. There is a download arrow at the top right side of the screen. Some videos are not available for download, and some require authentication to download. You may wish to check that you are logged in if this option is not available to you.

  12. Why can't I can't see the PDF slides while viewing the webcast?
    In some cases, the PDF file must download while viewing before it is visible. While the PDF slides should be viewable next to the video, Chrome may require a plug-in to support direct viewing of PDF files within the Panopto webcast. Please search for PDF plug-ins for Chrome, or view the webcast in a different browser, such as Safari, Firefox, or Edge.


Contact Us

To send comments/suggestions regarding the site, report live stream problems, or to get assistance with viewing webcasts on your computer, contact the STScI Service Desk.