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STScI maintains the below list of refereed publications from the scientific literature with significant JWST content. This list includes refereed articles describing science cases, anticipated observations, and simulations. 



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The Influence of Stellar Contamination on the Interpretation of Near-infrared Transmission Spectra of Sub-Neptune Worlds around M-dwarfs

2020/02 Iyer, Aishwarya R.; Line, M. R.

Phosphine as a Biosignature Gas in Exoplanet Atmospheres

2020/02 Sousa-Silva, Clara; Seager, Sara; Ranjan, Sukrit et al.

Identifying reionization-epoch galaxies with extreme levels of Lyman continuum leakage in James Webb Space Telescope surveys

2020/02 Giri, Sambit K.; Zackrisson, Erik; Binggeli, Christian et al.

The impact of star formation sampling effects on the spectra of lensed z > 6 galaxies detectable with JWST

2020/02 Vikaeus, Anton; Zackrisson, Erik; Binggeli, Christian

AGNs at the cosmic dawn: predictions for future surveys from a ΛCDM cosmological model

2020/02 Griffin, Andrew J.; Lacey, Cedric; Gonzalez-Perez, V. et al.

Spectral properties and detectability of supermassive stars in protoglobular clusters at high redshift

2020/01 Martins, F.; Schaerer, D.; Haemmerlé, L. et al.

The Feasibility of Directly Imaging Nearby Cold Jovian Planets with MIRI/JWST

2020/01 Brande, Jonathan; Barclay, Thomas; Schlieder, Joshua E. et al.

JexoSim: a time-domain simulator of exoplanet transit spectroscopy with JWST

2020/01 Sarkar, Subhajit; Madhusudhan, Nikku; Papageorgiou, Andreas

Properties of reionization-era galaxies from JWST luminosity functions and 21-cm interferometry

2020/01 Park, Jaehong; Gillet, Nicolas J. F.; Mesinger, Andrei et al.

Searching for Planets Orbiting α Cen A with the James Webb Space Telescope

2020/01 Beichman, Charles; Ygouf, Marie; Llop Sayson, Jorge et al.

Identifying Atmospheres on Rocky Exoplanets through Inferred High Albedo

2019/12 Mansfield, Megan; Kite, Edwin S.; Hu, Renyu et al.

Analyzing Atmospheric Temperature Profiles and Spectra of M Dwarf Rocky Planets

2019/12 Malik, Matej; Kempton, Eliza M. -R.; Koll, Daniel D. B. et al.

Transit Signatures of Inhomogeneous Clouds on Hot Jupiters: Insights from Microphysical Cloud Modeling

2019/12 Powell, Diana; Louden, Tom; Kreidberg, Laura et al.

Impact of Clouds and Hazes on the Simulated JWST Transmission Spectra of Habitable Zone Planets in the TRAPPIST-1 System

2019/12 Fauchez, Thomas; Turbet, Martin; Villanueva, Geronimo L. et al.

Semi-analytic forecasts for JWST - II. Physical properties and scaling relations for galaxies at z = 4-10

2019/12 Yung, L. Y. Aaron; Somerville, Rachel S.; Popping, Gergö et al.

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