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14-15 Oct 2019
Workshops Inclusive Astronomy 2
It has been four years since the 2015 Nashville Inclusive Astronomy meeting, an event that brought astronomers together with sociologists, policy makers, and leaders in the field to discuss issues affecting...
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23 Oct 2019
Colloquia Multi-wavelength Variability Studies of Young Stars and Their Protoplanetary Disks
Speaker: Catherine Espaillat (Boston University) We know that many pre-main-sequence stars are surrounded by protoplanetary disks, but how these disks evolve into planetary systems is a fundamental...
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30 Oct 2019
Colloquia Exploring 10,000 of the Nearest Stars
Speaker: Todd Henry (Georgia State University) The nearest stars and their companions provide the fundamental framework upon which all of stellar astronomy is based, for individual stars, stellar multiples,...
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1 Nov 2019
Lectures The Preservation, Distribution, and Detectability of Lipid Biomarkers in the Atacama Desert and Implications for Mars
Mary Beth Wilhelm (NASA Ames Research Center) Desert environments on Earth are colonized by organisms adapted to desiccation. However, the limits of adaptation are not well understood.  We surveyed...
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5 Nov 2019
Lectures Unveiling the Cosmos: Key Inventions behind the Modern Telescope
Speaker: Sarah Kendrew (European Space Agency / STScI) The astronomical telescope is a relatively recent invention in the ancient science of stargazing. Over the past 400 years since a...
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6 Nov 2019
Colloquia Unravelling the Role of Ice in Star and Planet Formation
Speaker: Helen Fraser (The Open University) With this seminar I hope to take you on a tour de force from what you think you know about ice in space, to what we have learned through a decade of laboratory...
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13 Nov 2019
Colloquia Resolving the Extended Stellar Halos of Nearby Galaxies: The Future of Near-Field Cosmology
Speaker: Denija Crnojevic (University of Tampa)
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18-22 Nov 2019
Workshops JWST Master Class Workshop
STScI will host approximately 25 participants for a 4.5-day, in-depth Master Class workshop in Baltimore, MD on November 18-22, 2019.  The Master Class will include topics related...
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3 Dec 2019
Lectures Red and Brown Dwarfs: Understanding our Smallest and Closest (sub)Stellar Neighbors
Speaker: Serge Dieterich (Space Telescope Science Institute)
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4 Dec 2019
Colloquia They Came from Outer Space: Comets, Unseen Planets, and 'Oumuamua'
Speaker: Scott Tremaine (IAS, Princeton University) Comets have inspired awe since prehistoric times, but the modern study of comets only began with Halley's successful prediction of the return of...
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6 Dec 2019
Lectures Reconstructing Life History Before LUCA
Gregory P. Fournier (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Origin of Life studies primarily consist of two sets of inferences:  bottom-up, which infer plausible scenarios of abiogenesis given our...
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11 Dec 2019
Colloquia The Dynamics of the Galactic Bulge: Uncovering the Old Populations that Formed Before the Bar
Speaker: Andrea Kunder (Saint Martin's University) Using mainly bulge red clump giants (RCG) and giants as tracers, a picture has emerged of the Galactic bulge consisting of a rotating peanut-shaped...
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3-8 Jan 2020
Science Meetings JWST at the 235th American Astronomical Society Meeting
The 235th American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting will include updates and events to help the astronomical community prepare for JWST science.  JWST Proposal Preparation Workshop When:...
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3-5 Feb 2020
Workshops JWST Master Class Workshop (ESAC, Madrid)
The European Space Agency (ESA) will provide an in-depth Master Class workshop (similar to the STScI Master Class workshop to be held in November 2019) to European astronomers. The workshop will...
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3 Apr 2020
Lectures To Be Announced
Peter R. Girguis (Harvard University)
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